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Kaos FC

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Kaos FC

Sasha Mielczarek is one of those blokes who has gasoline running through his veins, Sasha has spent his life around cars and bikes. Sasha received his first car as a gift from his father at the ripe old age of 12, the car an EK Holden sedan Sasha’s uncle sold to his father. By the age of 14 he had grown his collection to 5-6 cars and today the numbers have run into the thousands having owned car yards, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and Hot-Rods number in the hundreds on their own.

Brought up in the 70’s the world for seven year old Sasha was a cool one and no-one was cooler than across the road neighbour John Paterson. John was his inspiration and the definition of cool, he rode a red Yamaha with big mirrors and foxtail seat cover and he wore long black over his jeans. John would give young Sasha all his magazines from the USA. One picture he remembers most is that of a bloke on a candy red chopper going up a hill and the contrast of the chrome of the chopper and the red desert. It was from these magazines that he got his inspiration and ideas and would get himself copper head gaskets and airbrush half-moons and scallops all over the car.

The inspiration for KAOS also came from an early memory that had stuck in his head for 40 odd years and was to be a tribute to equally as talented builder his big brother Mick Mielczarek. When Mick first got married he had an orange 1958 FC Holden Ute with Tasman rims, to pay homage to his brother the intention was to spray KAOS orange only to change his mind through the build.

The build took two years and much of the fabrication was done at home in the garage and remnants of measurements scribbled on the floor remain today and it was in the garage where the car went through all its major transformation with only the dashboard, rear quarter panel skins and original sub frame and half the fire wall, the rest was hand fabricated.

With the help of Terry Cartwright, Sasha went about chopping the roof 4’’ removed the parcel shelve and fitted suicide doors, shaved (removed) the door handles and replaced the floor right through and then removed the car from its chassis and sat it on the garage floor. The diff with its rims was then placed in the middle of the floor and all the measurements were made and then fabrication commenced on the chassis.

The original FC front end was cut up, wishboned and then Sasha and Terry fabricated ¾ of the chassis and took the remaining factory chassis welded it to the back, bolted up the front and welded all the cross bangs off it and then it was off to paint.

Paint was going to be no easy task and was to take twelve months to complete which may sound a lot but it was mainly due to the pain staking task of disassembly and reassembly 3-4 times in total and the finish. Sasha decided on spraying the car in a House of Kolor Candy Apple Cherry Black which meant that painters (Malibu Smash) would have to paint the entire car to keep the integrity of the colour. Flames and Murals were done by Sasha’s good mate and fellow Beatnik member Little Mick.

Once assembled, a pair of 1955 Chevrolet chrome bumpers worth $2,500 each were grafted and fitted along with the chrome work, 15’’x15’’Gas rims and 18.5” tyres at the rear, airbag suspension and billet steering column.

Kaos is powered by a 383 four bolt small block Stroker with a 671 blower shop blower with twin 750 double pumper carbs built by ‘’Ned” Hercules performance, a six speed Holden Monaro gearbox, Tru tracker rear end with a 9’’ differential with Mark Williams Axels.

Kaos has hit the custom car scene running having taken and was a three time winner at its debut at Summernats and is going to take out many more and is a credit to its creator and all involved.

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