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The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow was a collaboration between a father and son, Garry and Shane Clifford. Garry is an Old School Biker and veteran builder who went about convincing his son Shane to palm off his pride and joy, a Nissan Skyline to invest in a custom bike. Shane wanted a complete bike, once again Garry convinced the young bloke to have faith in the old man and his abilities. The boys decided on a complete kit from Natli’s. Shane wanted to build an everyday ride that was show quality and comfortable. A custom bike isn’t a custom bike without a couple of alterations. Back at the shed the fellas went about cutting here and there and raising the mount of the tank. Garry is Old School and unlike many of todays builders resists the temptation of spraying the frame and tins before mock up. Mock up is the building of the bike and gives the builder the opportunity to see the look of the bike and also makes for a good time to come up with any themes, make any changes or alterations to the running gear. The kit came with a 113 Ultima motor and 250 rear end, besides subtle frame changes Garry and Shane replaced the pipes for a set of Santee’s, forward controls and stand from the original kit. The boys went with spoked rims rather than billet, but did use billet headlight and blinkers. Garry puts this down to the Billet rims being too common. The Scarecrow’s other standout accessories would be the 3”BDL belt drive, custom cover and digital speedo. Mock up took a week, it then took two days to pull down and off to paint. The boys went with a cherry black and custom grey metallic marble on the frame and tins, courtesy of High Quality Smash Repairs. They decided to break the paint up with a mural with the inspiration and eventually the theme coming from Shane’s tattoo on his leg of a Scarecrow with a sickle. The paint took eight weeks and it was another week to build for rego. Even with engineers certificates it is extremely difficult getting a custom motorcycle passed in N.S.W. The boys were made to go back and supply measurements. The Roads and Traffic Authority wanted measurements from the handle bars to the top seat, neck to centre of front wheel. Garry and Shane came through with flying colours, in fact the neck to centre of wheel measurement was ten millimetres under regulation. Shane got his custom daily rider and would like to thank Garry, the old man for the build, the wife for understanding, Mick from Spider Industries and Natlis and special thanks going to Daka, Shane doesn’t exactly know why?

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