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Rebel Hot Rod and Custom Bike Show

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Where does time go? Why it seems just yesterday I was writing about the 25th anniversary show. As with the 25th Show the forecast was rain and for once the bastards were right! It seems to rain the first weekend of November every year. Approaching the M5 expressway on my way to Leppington it was pissing down. I drove up to the gates of the compound, it was then I noticed a couple of Rod’s leaving the drive way (the boys did the right thing and lit up the tyres and burnt rubber for the onlookers as they left only to be nabbed by the coppers down the street). I drove to the gates and was greeted by a youthful and fit looking “Tiny” and went about parking the Astra (yes, the wife’s car) out of site. Walking through the gates my mood quickly changed from concern (with the weather) to relief as I noticed it was business as usual.

The atmosphere of the Reb’s show is always cool and this day no different. The event attracts all walks of life, no longer the domain and patronage of bikers alone. These events are becoming more main stream, with a large part of the patrons being families, older folk and those just there to party. The popularity of these events is gaining due to the popularity of the Discovery Channel’s American Chopper, Biker Build Off’s and Miami Ink for the tatts. With events like these becoming more and more popular to the masses the shows can only get bigger and better with the support!

The walk down the drive is a familiar one, only this time the drive turned into an extension of the existing clubhouse, the extension is huge! To give you a fair idea it was big enough to hold hundreds as well as a full size boxing ring. The main attraction in the clubhouse were exhibition bouts featuring the Vella boys and Shannon “The Blaster” Taylor. After the bout, Sasha the MC gathered his troops to lift the ring and move it to one side making more room for the rebellers.

With everyone being entertained in one form or another everyone seemed oblivious to the fact that by this time the rain was little more than a drizzle. The drizzle made it perfect conditions for tug a war, and a good time to check out the rides. As usual the standard was first-rate, unfortunately numbers were down due to the weather. Other show favourites are the ever helpful and delicious “Fever Girls” who went about getting drinks from the bar for the masses and then topping it off with a late night strip show. The fireworks and freestyle motocross display featuring “Spud”, various vendors, a tattoo contest (with trophies awarded) and Black Label kicked arse with their hard edge rock.

All I can say is do yourself a favour, if there’s one event that’s a must for the biker calendar this is it – The Rebels Hot Rod & Custom Bike Show, Bringelly Road, Leppington.

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