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Infatuated with a Fatboy

Isn’t it great when the kids are old enough to take care of themselves and a Bloke can finally indulge himself in the finer things life has to offer?

Back in 2007 Craig Berry and wife Lorraine were celebrating their 20th Wedding anniversary (you receive less time for Murder!) and as part of their Celebration decided to treat them selves to a 2007 Fatboy for three days.

Craig had owned various bikes over the years and over the three days had rein flamed his love for bikes in particular the Fatboy.

It was on the third day, riding down to the Scarborough Hotel (a tidy little pub perched on the cliffs 20min ride north of Wollongong) that Craig came to the relisation that time was almost up and decided on the spot “that’s it! I buying one” and went out and did just that!

Ordering the bike late December meant he would not receive the bike to January which was a good thing with the bikes vin number and year of bike than being 2008.

His first impression was “Everything’s already Chromed and the bike looks great I won’t need to do a thing!”

Craig decided on the Black with no extras just as is stock standard (Avoiding what many relate to The Harley Tax, a term given to the extra’s people add when buying a new Harley Davidson).

When he got the bike home he was soon to realize that to make the bike his own everything thing wanted doing.

(Harley Davidson take pride themselves that the Harley Davidson motorcycle is one of the only motorcycles and that only have a very small number of their motorcycles the same.

Owners tend to make the motorcycle an individual statement adding extras with very few being as they were the day they left the factory).

First thing Craig decided to replace was the wheels and ordered himself some Chrome rims direct from the USA.

At the time Aussie dollar was worth 99c American due to the financial collapse and Craig was lucky enough to take advantage paying $1,100 dollars for rims he was quoted $2,800 here at home delivered straight to his local post office.

Seeing the value of the dollar Craig decided it was a good time to bring in some other parts such as the Vance and Hines pipes, Arlen Ness spike air cleaner and Screaming Eagle race tuner.

(Now before you Buy Aussie crowd get on your high horses pushin’ the barra about supporting Aussie jobs and buy here in OZ!

All the parts were made in the US and where fitted here in Gods country so you can’t blame a bloke for tryin’ to save a couple of dollars?)

Whilst getting the Screaming Eagle race tuner fitted Craig decided to add a 211 cam and has added lots and lots of more chrome he says.

Not shy with a dollar Craig says he doesn’t mind, tippin money (around $20,000 on top of the original purchase price) in to the Fatboy because to use his thrase “I love it!

Since buying the bike Craig always wanted airbrushing and chose purple as his preferred color.

The color was derived from his 15 purple LED lights fitted through out the bike.

With the color picked, Craig wanted to go with another of his favorite things in the theme “Naked Women”.

Craig had his work cut out just trying to get a Airbrush artist to bring his dream paint job to life with many knocking the job back because they said they couldn’t do the girls.

Finally Craig heard of a Bloke named Adrian from Airbrush world in Mulgoa, at the foot of the Blue Mountains in Sydney’s west.

Adrian was known for his work on Show Cars, Dragsters and boats.

Choosey with what he takes on Adrian prefers having the artistic freedom and creating his work freehand rather than stencil.

The spray job took a total of five weeks to complete and though Craig was chomping at the bit to get his ride back on the road was sympathetic

Since the bike has been sprayed Craig’s Fatboy has taken out 3 shows this far, be them little he is still wrapped.

To preserve the paint job on the rear guard Craig decided to replace the original seat for a Dragway solo seat after noticing scratch marks left by the original seat and added a pussy pad or P pad (as Craig calls it) for his darling wife Lorraine.

Craig is quick to justify his decision, saying “Lorraine hasn’t got a big arse so the P-pad suits her perfectly!” adding with a sympathetic tone

“We usually only ride for a couple of hours at a time than we will pull up for a drink”

All this talk about Lorraine’s butt is nothing she’s not use to!

Lorraine’s nickname is Toosh!

A nickname given to her by the members of the Liverpool chapter of HOG after an incident on a a bus.

Craig was also given a nickname by the club that of Spike.

The nickname Spike came about because if you look closely you will notice the spike bolt covers on motor and frame.

There was also spike front axle covers.

Coppers didn’t really go for the large spikes and after a polite word from a Copper at a random breath test about the spike’s Craig decided to remove them.

The spike covers are made from 44 Magnum bullet shell cases.

It was

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