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Defence of Crookwell VVMC & Patriots Show & Shine

Defence of Crookwell VVMC & Patriots Show & Shine The Patriot’s and Vietnam Vets MC’s first Crookwell show and shine was something special and can only get bigger and better in years to come. The venue is Crookwell Showground. Crookwell is a small historical town located 20 minutes north of Goulburn, 21⁄2 hours from Sydney and 11⁄2 hours from Canberra. The 20 minute ride from Goulbourn to Crookwell made for a welcomed run from the boredom of the Hume Hwy from Sydney. The road on first sight resembled a kids slot car set, the road winds its way through the hills and valleys with sweeping banked corners that can be seen for miles and long straights to open up the big girl and blow out the cob webs. The Show and Shine was to tie in with the districts Country Festival. The patriots have made the pilgrimage to the Country Festival for the past eight years participating in the parade down the main street. The parade resembles my memories of the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The footpaths are packed with onlookers with the highlight of the march being the Vets and patriots coming up the rear. Unfortunately a misunderstanding meant the VVMC boys missed the ride pass – this was probably a good thing with many of the boys that arrived on the Friday nursing hangovers and others in pubs or asleep. Great town Crookwell! There are three pubs and an RSL Club in the main street only walking distance from our compound, Crookwell Showground. The Showground was like many country showgrounds with a trotting track in the centre plenty of trees for shelter and for the partygoers set their tents and swags in the shade with those without tents being housed in the pavilions. The pavilions resemble old barns with isles clearly marked cakes, jams and my favourite – photography. Today it was bikes and bunks and maybe a little toe jam?. One pavilion was an indoor basketball court with a sheep shearing pen making a prime spot for some of the boys to set up their swags and this was where you find the revellers from the night before sleeping it off. The Showground is huge with campers spread all around the grounds, some of the tents, occupied vans and revellers in local pubs and clubs made it hard to get true numbers of patronage. The Show and Shine had a good turnout; unfortunately numbers were down because of the miscommunication from The Country Festival March organisers. Many of the locals not even knowing of the event. It’s only early afternoon and with the sunset the event started to come alive. Once the bands cranked up, numbers swelled with revellers leaving the sanctuary of their tents, vans and pavilions to join other partygoers and the many locals. With a couple under the belt the event had gone from sedate to party central, meet and greet, with the country air and hospitality giving that country comfort feel. Crookwell’s own Fatboy Slim played a couple of sets. Its 8 o’clock and time for under 18’s to leave the enclosure and make way for some adult entertainment.

Adult time starts with crowd participation - wet t-shirts. With 300 bucks first prize, competition was fierce. It wasn’t long before shirts were discarded and the event degenerated into grabbing, stretching and even licking breasts to win the crowds applause and gratification. Whitie from Warren and member of The Bushman Social Club MC’d the chaos. His quick wit and humour was one of the highlights of the comp. With everyone getting to know each other it was time to find out what others thought of the event. The event corresponded with the VVMC’s Annual Meeting. Presidents from most states and one territory made the show. We had ten members from Qld including the president’s mother, ten from Adelaide and most everyone from Sydney. The keenest of them all had to be Scally from the Northern Territory. Scally took 51⁄2 days travelling 4000 kms.When asked about the ride Scally says “there were huge fuck’n green bugs called grasshoppers that must be related to Emus”. His shirt was green and his bike must have been the smelliest in Oz - he was here and loving every minute. The event is a three day event starting on Friday and concluding with a charity ride around the trotting track on Sunday. As I mentioned there’s one site camping and plenty of pub and B&B accommodation in Crookwell with a courtesy bus to and from the event. I could go on for hours, with all involved sharing the same opinion of the do. It can only get better and when asked, bikers, onsite vendors and locals all agreed, they’ll be back, for sure!