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Aussie Day with the VVMC

The VVMC (Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club) Aussie day is one of those runs which attracts people year in and year out no matter what the weather, punters seem to take it as a somewhat tour of duty and brave the elements to go on the trek and spend time with the legends. VVMC Vice President Scotty says the day is about the Vets (Veterans) getting together and going for a run and inviting the public come with them. The week leading up to the run was a worry with Sydney and most of Australia being hit with torrential rain and whilst the rain finally stopped a couple of days before the run the forecast was still showers. This wasn’t going to worry the Vets whom were going on the run regardless of the weather but may affect numbers and with proceeds going to charity they were thinking the worst but once again supporters weren’t going to let the boys down and turned out in their masses. A proud VP Scotty seem to have the optimism his President Spike has with the VVMC, Spike often says ‘’it never rains on my parade ‘’ where Scotty puts it like this ‘’we get a really good biker turn out every year and we call wet weather Fair Share, everything we go on its usually raining!” The run this year was around 250 km and took around four hours to complete which is shorter than the previous runs due to the fact that a couple of hotels along the route had closed down. The run left from the VVMC compound at Menai in Sydney’s South down the M5 expressway to Campbelltown then making the tree lined run up Appin Road to biker haven ‘’The Appin Hotel’’ for a beer or soft drink (I prefer the beer) and a sausage sandwich or a meal from the bistro. From there we head south via the picturesque Broughton Creek Pass with its hanging rock, cause way and hairpin corners to Picton Road to Mt Ousley and the city of Wollongong and the Princess Highway and the Cabbage Tree hotel for our next stop and from there it was along the Wollongong Beaches and its scenic drive to Bald Hill, Waterfall and then back to the compound. Once back at the compound we got the true figures and money raised by the run alone, the run had 264 entries, 250 bikes and raised $4080 not including bar takings and food sales and $2,800 raised was to going to the Sydney Chapter’s chosen charities Care Flight and the Children’s Hospital. In true Vet spirit Spike gives all the credit to entrants saying ‘’it’s the generosity of the Punters that can be rewarded, the people on the ride can give themselves a pat on the back!’’ Happy with the run Spike said the run went exceptionally well with no incidents and everyone behaved and with it being a double demerit point weekend a bloody good day! Spike was only on the finally leg and said it was great to see everyone had stuck together and made their way back to the compound. Spike was also pleased that the police had let the run proceed with not too much attention ‘’We made everyone aware there would be a police presence and they were there but because no one was being a fuckin’ idiot they sat back and let us go. The big thing is if we let everyone know to expect Police to be there and to use their common-sense they would have a good day! It’s easy to forget Australia has veterans of war even today serving around the world and doing Australians proud and we had the privilege of a few of the boys on our run and whilst we can’t

identify them for security reasons I was able to get access to the boys and a touching moment and respect shown from one veterans of war to another. Spike ‘’On the run today it was an honour for VVMC to have Afghanistan Vets ride alongside us and supporting our charities, these guys came out here and rode with pride and did themselves proud. My feelings to you guys is, you are always welcome to our clubhouse, think of our home being your home and the door is always open!’’ Afghan Vet ‘’likewise, we are honoured to take part and the respect is mutual! This generation of Veterans have a lot in common and through that bond forged in what we’ve done overseas we have a lot of good times to come. There is a lot of commonalities between the generations only this generation is treated a lot better by society in general and through the hard lessons and what these guys (Vietnam Vets) went through on their return to Australia. That said, the experiences we have both had overseas is still similar and I guess that’s where the respect is built on, to be included on their run today was fantastic and hopefully the start of many good things to come. But the day is far from over for these old Dogs of War partying through the night to the sounds of live bands DeWayne Helix and the Engineers and Bits and Pieces, BBQ’s and a fully stocked fridge - is there anything more Aussie, I think not! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi.

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