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4th Annual Jesters Rolling Dice Run

Every week in this vast country of ours it is the average Joe who goes out of his way to help those less fortunate or those let down by the system and it was for that such reason many of the runs organised by the biker fraternity are done with the focus being to raise funds for those less fortunate. They are also a great way to bring the biker fraternity together and to enjoy and experience the joy of riding in a pack and spending time with like minded people and it was great to see a Saturday ride with so many turn up for this year’s Jesters Rolling Dice Run. Before the run I was able to bale up the much in demand Jester ‘’Frank’’ to get the full low down on this the 4th Annual Rolling Dice Run. ‘’Last year we had around 40 riders on the Roll the Dice Run and the weather wasn’t that great, this year we already have 60 now 64 who have rolled in and paid and the weather is good and everyone seems to be enjoying it and that’s what it’s all about’’. Proceeds from the run went to the Nepean Soccer Dragons, a disability soccer club which is run through the Soccer Association. ‘’The club gives kids who are handicapped, physically, mentally or verbally dyslectic or anything like that can play soccer together and interact with other children. They always need some support so we try to get some money together for them like we did last year. We raised $1,000 last year and they were extremely happy with that and we are hoping to do a little better this year.’’ The love for their chosen charity is evident in the sound of Frank’s voice and body language particularly when asked of the club. “They are never going to be Socceroo’s but they get together, play together and have a good time and it’s really worthwhile supporting them. They get to interact with other kids and give them an outing and make them feel better as well as learn things at the same time. We have done two runs for this team and two for other teams, it just gives the team a little extra cash which goes towards little prizes to make them feel special and they all get a trophy, it also goes towards buying nice uniforms.’’ The run begins at the Horsley Hotel in Sydney’s Western suburbs and travels 220km with stops at the picturesque town of Oakdale and Oakdale Workers at the foot of the Blue Mountains then further south to Picton along Picton Road to the Princess Hwy and then it back to Jokers Lane Wetherill Park. A proud Sydneysider, I reckon we have some of the best rides in the world here on our doorstep and they are just 40 min from the Sydney CBD and our ride was to take in some of the best from the South West. First stop Oakdale but first we had to get out of Horsley Park and we no sooner left the pub’s car park when we were greeted by sirens of an unmarked car travelling the opposite direction, the driver had to make his way up to the nearest roundabout to turn around to pursue the pack but by then much of the pack had made it through the intersection. The car was trapped behind a couple of stragglers in a disabled rider and his carer and then there was my riding companion Kaos and myself behind him. The stragglers held the copper at bay for miles until finally he could overtake and once again he was prevented from catching the pack at a set of traffic lights and stalling the pursuit. It was then the fat arm of the law reached out the window signalling me to come along side in a turning lane, first thought was a warning but to my surprise the copper asked if it was a ride and if it was for charity? Having answered yes to both the somewhat frustrated copper put his left indicator on and headed off.

We caught up with the pack at Oakdale Workers Club. The club with its wide open spaces, weatherboard construction is caught in a time warp and the welcoming character and service may also be from another era and the great food! The next leg took riders through the biker friendly town of Picton and down Picton Road to the coast and the Princess Hwy once again through great open roads and views past the Royal National Park to our next stop the Heathcote Hotel. The Hotel is packed and it also gives the Jesters a chance to raise a little extra through the pub’s patrons. I caught up with Frank at the pub to see how it’s going. ‘’Everyone seems to be enjoying it and that’s what it’s all about, we will set up a bottle of Jack or Jim Beam and throw gold coins, the closest wins. It brings in some extra dollars and it’s a good thing and it will also get some of the locals involved as well and it looks like some of the locals are buying our shirts. It’s good to raise a little extra money besides raffles. Everyone has a good chance in a Dice Run, first prize is $200 and worst score $50, everyone can have fun and maybe win some money and look after a charity at the same time and have a fun time together.’’ It was at this time the fun police rocked up and put a stop to proceedings, there were several cars from the local Sutherland command just standing around making their appearance felt all in blue until a black Toyota rolled up with two of the hottest copper Sheilas I had seen jump out but in true fashion with note books in hand taking number plates. Now for those of you contemplating going on a run don’t get put off, very little ever happens and the coppers usually are just trying to flex some muscle. Very little came of all the muscle flexing and if anything it only gave punters, like Trav, my other riding partner to take the piss out of the coppers and after being asked to leave only meant we would be heading back on our last leg of the run to Joker Lane and Gypsy Joker Clubhouse that little bit earlier. The day ends at Jokers Lane for the draw and festivities and with a band playing, grog flowing and plenty of food, it is the ideal way to finish a great day’s ride. A run such as this takes a lot of time and support and the Jesters would like to thank The Horsley Park Tavern, Oakdale Workers Club, Heathcote Hotel, Frasers Motorcycles, MPC Fabrications, FPM Movements and all the smaller sponsors and the punters who come on the runs!

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