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1949 Ford F1

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Is there any limit to cool Chris Atkinson doesn’t think so owner of the 1949 Ford F1.

The F1 was the first of the Ford Freightliner series with the F1 standing for the 1tonne capacity. Chris brought the pickup from the USA 5 years ago from a Tattoo Artist named Jack Dámoure and whist Chris admits it isn’t the most comfortable ride it’s just a good thing to hop in and just have some fun, it’s a good reliable truck and it has a heater. The truck runs a stock 350 small block Chev and a 700r 4 speed transmission. The front end is original with a 2inch drop axle, original front springs and brakes. As with the front end the majority of the rear end is stock (differential, drum brakes) except for the

addition of air-bagged suspension. When Chris brought the pickup it had the original Firestone conventional white wall tyres which were terrible to drive on and would track and follow everything on the road, so one of the first things was to replace them with radials and paint white walls on them, being a panel beater/ spray painter Chris was able to tint the white wall giving them an antique old look, he also decided to get a new steering box, pleased with his changes Chris says it how it is ‘’You can’t relax too much but it drives well!’’

A lesson to everyone when Chris imported the F1 to Australia he was hit with $1000AUD bill to fumigate the original timber bed for borers. Chris has no plans for the F1 at the moment and will probably hang on to it for a while and he has two sons that are keen to throw their hands up for it!

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