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A Sydney Biker Easter

Easter is suppose to be a time of faith and reflection and every good Friday for the past 16 years bar 2 I have done exactly that, I used the sacred day at the 27th Highway 61 Hard and Fast Banks town Custom Bike show.

Unlike other years I haven’t been under the pressure of being the official photographer or compiling content for national magazines, no this year I was able to kick back with old mates, throw back a couple of coldies and just enjoy the show.

Whilst numbers were down in comparison to previous years the crowd was in good spirits and there was an abundance of quality show bikes and entertainment through out the day.

The Bankstown show has a clubbie soul and with the anti Association laws shows such as Bankstown have suffered but the show holds true to its roots and still has that gritty old school Aussie biker vibe even though Highway 61 originated in NZ.

Bankstown is all bling and tyre smoke and the day are pretty much hot babes, cool rides, cold beer and burnouts and then there is Throttle Roll.

Throttle roll has been running for very few years and has quickly gained the respect of the Sydney motorcycle fraternity.

Throttle Roll is held in a Sydenham industrial area straight opposite the local railway station but originated several years ago as a two day event held at the Vic hotel just down the street at Enmore.

As mentioned the Roll is straight opposite Sydenham railway and both shows have ample parking so there is no excuse!

One thing you take away from these larger events is the talent pool here in OZ, on display are some of the best-engineered bikes anywhere in the world and when the Aussies do it we do it right!

The Bankstown Custom bike show for the past 27 years has set the standards in the custom bike scene here in OZ and still has a large contingent of radical custom and heritage bikes where the Throttle Roll is a mix of scrambler, bobber, Old School custom and even the odd scooter, everything from Honda to Harley, all with the owners own twist and perspective of what is custom and whilst the inner city café racer scene is well represented the beauty of this show is the opportunity of that back yard builder being able to show case his creation and not been frowned on for not owning a certain brand and consolidates and validates all motorcycles and the lack of attitude only works to bond the motorcycling fraternity which is a good thing.

Every year the Throttle gets larger but unfortunately word has it that the Throttle Roll will be looking for yet another location, apparently the once industrial area of Sydenham area has been rezoned and the factories that line the western side of the road will make way for the scourge (high rise) which has overtaken Sydney.

Bankstown is going no where but sources connected to the show have noticed that numbers were down and the show may need some reinventing and next year promises to be better, mind you the Bankstown show is choc full of something for everyone and whilst both are family friendly the Bankstown show goes that little extra yard to cater to the family, there is knights in armor, reptile show heaps of vendors and the man himself our mate and Aussie stunt royalty Matt Mingay with his Hot Wheels crew wowing the crowd with freestyle riding.

A show of the character of Matt and the show must go on is the fact he showed up at all after literally dying after smashing his off road truck in the American Baja series, its going to take more than that to stop Matt and the show must go on!

What does surprise me is the number of women and I don’t mean Babes like the promo girls or Hard N Fast contestants or those cutting a rug or enjoying a day out but those babes who are true motorcycling enthusiast who take as much or more pride and love for the lifestyle than many of the blokes I know.

Fiona one of the fore mention babes spoke to me about her Ducati which was on display at Throttle Roll and the Harley she had at home and there were many walking pass with helmets.

For a day out both are value for money with bands all day and entertainment but the food really deserves mention, the Bankstown show has several eating areas and punters can nibble on a chip or indulge on a kebab and watch the entertainment or be seated under cover in the grand stand or below it in the bar area and enjoy a BBQ snag or steak sandwich and a coldie to wash it down or a ice cream for desert.

Throttle Roll is food vans serving everything from gourmet snag sandwiches to Texan BBQ and bars chock full of bar staff serving boutique beers and rum.

If it was a competition and I had to declare a winner I would say you the punter and suggest rather than doing the rat run out of Sydney next Easter check out the shows and lend your support.

If you have a show you would like Lawless to check out drop us a line on the contact page.

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