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The Monster

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Legend tells of a 113 cube Monster with 360 tyres both front and rear and a Baker 6 speed box who would smoke the tyres and mesmerize damsels on the far away Island of Phuket in Thailand. We, the brave knights of Lawless have sworn to venture on a quest to free any damsels and slay the monster for you the reader (tough gig hey?) at what is known as Patong Beach Bike week.

The Monster’s home is a biker bar called Nicky’s Handle Bar. Life was given to the beast by Nicky and Tien from Nicky’s Handlebar and good friend Johnny Tan from Malaysia.

The Monster’s humongous feet were laughed at by RC Components USA. Nicky rang RC components about the rims and they were fine with the rear and it was a done deal but when he mentioned he needed two and was putting a 360 wheel on the front, the non-believer from the US (United States) scorned Nicky saying ‘’Your fuckin’ drunk!’’ and hung up the phone. Young Nicky rang the elusive RC Components a further two times before he was listened to. Nicky said “Brett, (RC servant) listen I need to talk to you, I’m serious, give me the price of two rims, I will pay for it and you can start to do it!’’

Rubber for the Monster’s feet were by Wheel Wrapper Thailand, RC Components also supplied all the braking. Mirrors are Arlen Ness and a BDL primary drive gives the monster its power and Super Trapp exhausts its roar.

The Monster’s front end, shocks and triple trees and head light were custom made all in house and the detailed medieval airbrushing was laid on by local artist Teck who also did much of the theme throughout the hotel.

To those who say the beast cannot be tamed Nicky says this “If someone thinks you cannot ride this bike come and see me I will ride it for you!’’

What he says is true, though intoxicated on Jack Daniels devil tonic Nicky mounted his Monster and with a roar from its 113cube motor smoked the tyres till both rider and Monster disappeared in the grey fog.

Unfortunately, our beautiful maidens in distress where not distressed at all and declined the advances of our brave Lawless Knights. Their loss! I say!

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