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Joe’s Pride

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

There is love, that of a man and a women and then there’s real love, that of a man and his bike!

It may sound corny but over time you tend to notice those blokes who are genuine with their love of their bike. Joe Mammone was one of these blokes, so when he offered to add the commentary to his bike feature and maybe some advice for the budding customiser. I was more than happy to hand over the reigns. Here’ s Joes story.

Big wheels for the sake of being big and crazy engine combinations bordering on race motors are great if you want a big hit on the show scene. But what do you do if your ideal bike is one you can fire up and take for a blast to the city at a moments notice!

Don’t get me wrong, I still find the “360 rear end and the 120 plus cubic inch V-Twins nice to look at”. For me, an every day ride needs something a little bit more “real world” a 1994 Softail for instance?

It’s not to say that the bike has to be stock standard to enjoy on a regular basis! You can add a number of street-oriented wide-arse kits and accessories to turn your Stocky into a truly personalised customised machine. While, like me you love the wild and over the top whips, I recon the owners would be envious of us guys, the guy that can crack the throttle at the end of the bike show and ride the long way home!

With the build, the usual modifications were made, making sure any modifications were to be sensible and usable. We widened the Softail swing-arm to accommodate the 250 Avon tyre on an 18” Pulsar rim, a 21” pulsar rim on the front on the Standard “Bad Boy” Springer front end with seven inch rake frame. It was clear a new front fender would need to be custom made to fit.

Credit where credit is due! I was fortunate enough to have Daryl Farnon on the build. Daryl was responsible for the bulk of the fabrication and assembly of the bike and more than capable of fabricating a tyre hugging guard the bike required. The headlight-mounted Speedo was a masters touch by Daryl. With the Speedo in the headlight assembly meant the Springer assembly was left free of clutter. Daryl also took to the stock Harley tank to create a custom one-off tank that better follows the lines of the purple cruiser.

I chose a purple paint for the bike called “Morpheous” and is the PPG shade as found on the 2008 Holden Commodore. Micheal Scordo and myself are responsible for the spray job and we were both pleased with the finish and the contrast with the chrome accessories. The choice of colour/parts was a calculated choice with hours spent scouring American catalogues and website’s.

The 80 cube EVO was built by Lorenzo Caponga. Lorenzo used the standard cases, bored out the standard barrels to accommodate the Screaming Eagle pistons. Lorenzo went with the standard rods and fitted .600” lift Screaming Eagle cam shaft. We decided to run a custom Screaming Eagle ignition set up, CV Thunder Slide Carburettor and custom pipes.

I liked the look and operation of the Ultima right side drive transmission to line it up with the HD primary. By this stage of the build pretty much every part of the bike had been replaced with after market or modified components. Bad Ass Trimming finished off the bike with a custom leather seat with purple stitching.

Our OzBike babe for “Joe’s pride shoot” was the beautiful Maddison. 24 year old Maddison was born and bread in the Apple Isle (Tassie). At the ripe old age of 18 Maddison made the move to the ‘Big Smoke’ leaving Tassie for Sydney and has lived there for the past 6 years.

We caught up with thrillseeker Maddison after a three month trip backpacking around Europe on her own. One of the standouts on her trip was sailing the coast of Croatia and running with the bulls in Spain. After watching bull run participants making the traditional stage dive off a large statue before the start, Maddison decided to take the plunge. She climbed the statue, gave the crowd a flash and jumped. Little did she know until she arrived home that one of her topless flashes, whilst on someone’s shoulders, was captured by another Aussie mag in an article about the madness of running with the bulls.

Maddison loved the idea of modelling for Lawless, saying she had done too many nude shoots! “It was good! I could wear something for once. I also loved the idea of a theme around the bike rather than just posing, which made it all the more fun”. Maddison has always had a love of motorcycles reliving early memories as a tom boy and going for rides with one of her early boyfriends on his dirt bikes.

Story by Joe Mammone and Chris Nilsson

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