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Orange Deuce

The Orange Deuce is owned by Peter Artakianos, Peter brought the 2006 Harley Davidson Softail fuel injected Deuce 5 years ago to just go riding with his mates, but Peter soon found that his mates whips (Bikes) were getting more attention than his was and his ego got the better of him and he knew he had to do something to make his ride stand out amongst the pack. Peter went about getting parts together so as soon as he found something he liked he would by it and stock pile them, first came the Creation World wheels, 21’’ front, 18’’x 250 rear, 250 wide arse rear end swing arm kit, front and rear mud guards and tail light he brought from MCA. Now Pete had his parts he need someone to fabricate it and Ken Cevski (Cobra Craft) had built a couple of his mates bikes and they were happy and the work was ‘’quality’’ to use Peters words, so Peter dropped in to Cobra Craft to bounce a few ideas back and forth, ‘’he (Ken) had a couple of good ideas and we worked together on it and it slowly came together’’ Pete says. The bike took around twelve months to build and one reason for this was the stumbling point with the colour, Peter wanted something to blend with the black motor and he really thought about using the orange ‘’orange isn’t a real easy colour to pick, it can go out of fashion pretty quick and we went with it because I liked it and I’m still happy with it!’’ he says. Peter than decided to break the orange up with flames and commissioned Tattooist and airbrush to do the brush work after a recommendation of a friend. Twelve months is a long time and anyone who has customized a bike knows how things grow and the bike also got Accutronix forward controls, pegs and grips, Burleigh Bars, Pm Calliper on the front, Hog Haulter sprocket brake on the rear so as to keep everything clean on the right side to show off the kick arse rims, Ken fabricated a seat pan which was then trimmed by Steve from Cools auto trimming. The boys decided to keep the standard Deuce forks and headlamp because they like the them and found no reason to change them but the tank wasn’t so lucky, Ken knocked up a couple of extended tanks till they came up with something they could agree on just to give the bike a little more flow in its lines. It was just a mild upgrade for the motor with it bored out to 95cube, stage 1/ 203 cam, Super tuner and air cleaner.

Now you may be thinking that arse end looks familiar, well there’s a reason for that that arse end was screened prime time for months staring in an ad for one of those arse hole banks (we won’t hold that against her), so if you were like me and every time you seen the ad you tried to look around corners to see more of the bike when it came on here it is, The Orange Deuce, Vitamin Vroom.

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