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Frankie’s Pro-Street

Before we start, let me get this straight! Bobbers are cool! Choppers pull the babes! For me and my new mate Frankie the recipe is simply a ballsy donk (motor), slam (lower) for the stance and attitude “plenty of bling” and a hot paint job and presto there it is “Pro-Street”. The name say’s it all! The stance and riding position looks fast and adds to the handling and comfort. I find the chopper awkward and the rigid just that! The Pro-Street is made to be ridden and Frank’s Pro-street was built for that exact purpose in mind.

Frank has spent the past year and a half developing the Pro, I called it ‘development’ because as any of you who have customised or are customising a ride knows it’s a labour of love, trial and error. Frank ran into a couple of hurdles in the build and originally used a belt drive with his 113 cube Ultima power house only to find that every time he pumped the clutch the belt would slip. Frank boasts now a chain drive every time the clutch is pumped the Streeter smokes! The other changes were purely cosmetic. He was looking for a slick look and was using a strut-less rear guard only to find tank and flow of the bike suited the struts and decided to keep them. Frank talks about changing the fork legs but has not found anything suitable.

The Streeter was built in stages, starting with a Softail frame, which Frank and his brother and best mate Jimmy stretched, modified the rake to 7 degrees and chrome, a 240 rear end and air bag suspension. The Streeter is powered by a ballsy 113 cube Ultima, six speed cruncher box, S&S E series carbie, driven by a 3.5 inch BDL top fuel belt drive, a West Coast oil tank and LA Chopper’s ground thumper pipes for the note. Frank swears by the air ride saying, quote “Pumped up to ride, lowered or dropped for the Low Rider”.

The Streeter’s feet (wheels) are Ultima Bayonets and stopping power courtesy of six piston callipers both front and rear. The Streeter is “Pimp” as the young folk say, from the orange flame on the tanks, the chrome frame and bling from Pro-one and Arlen Ness accessories. By first impression and the quality finish of the Pro-Streeter you’d be excused for thinking the boys are pro builders. Frank and brother Jimmy are proud of the fact they fabricated the bike down to the wiring harnesses, as the boys full time jobs are as pool table manufacturers and importers of Harley Davidson and Rock-Ola juke boxes for the past 17 years.

Frank and Jimmy are currently in the process of starting Escape Cycles. Escape Cycles carry front-ends, engines and air-filters, basically anything used on choppers. For the time being they are dealing on-line but hope to have a shop front in the near future.

Special thanks goes to Jimmy for helping me out on the day. Jimmy had the enviable job of riding the Streeter, Frank is recovering from eye surgery.

If you’re looking at our girl and thinking to yourself I know that face, those tits or luscious butt you probably do! The saucy devil’s name is Trinity Porter. Trinity is a sex columnist, entertainer of the year and proud Central Coast girl. Trinity’s been labelled with the (I’d like to think!) enviable title of Australia’s Top Stripper by some. I don’t know if this is true but one thing I do know, this little Central Coast beauty is well credentialed. Trinity’s titles include: Miss Erotica (Sydney), Miss Nude (Sydney), Miss Down Under and a roll on Foxtels Erotic Star TV show. Now, her proudest achievement - a shoot for Lawless Magazine! (OK, my proudest moment!). Trinity recons “bikes are sexy, but they make me a little nervous!” and goes on to say “I don’t often get to ride, so it’s good to do things like this, to see the best of the best and get a little go” (ride you mean Trini?).

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