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The Black Snake

Cobra Craft is a workshop in the Sydney southern suburb of Peakhurst that deals as the name suggests AC Cobra replica cars, but there is more to Cobra Craft than the name shop. Owner, fabricator and builder Ken “Kenny’’ Cevski also applies his craftsmanship to motorcycles and not unlike many of the top shelf builders Kenny is media shy and doesn’t go out of his way to advertise saying “if they want you they will find you!’’ Such is the modesty of Ken, many of the bikes doing the show circuit are Cobra Craft creations but when I asked Ken to give me three of his favourite rides his choice of bikes are somewhat underwhelming if not just as worthy to feature compared to the easter egg trailer queens we are used to and a true reflection of the down to earth craftsman.

The Black Snake owner Abdullah said is much like Ken in some ways, Ab too comes across as a no thrills straight up bloke who also tries to avoid the spotlight but can someone tell Ab you are never going to avoid the attention on a bike like the Snake. We were at a wits end thinking of a name for Ab’s Black Beauty and that was one name considered but when I was looking at the photos that long low slinky stance and Pro Street attitude and the relationship with Cobra just screamed Black Snake.

The ground up build took two years with many of the parts coming from the states. Ab started with a Pro Street frame with a 45 degree rake, air bagged 280 arse end, 21 inch front wheel and PM controls, levers and callipers. The oil tank was custom made by Cobra and mounted under the seat. Ab wanted that clean look so there was no gauges mounted on the bike and the tank was moulded into the frame giving as Ab put it ‘’a nice groove’’ the lines were also hidden in keeping of that clean look. The bike was painted in a black gloss chosen by Ab and painted by Martin at Hoxton Park. When asked about any highlights, Ab was quick with a straight out ‘’that’s gay man!’’. The seat pan was altered to keep the flow and was bent over the mould into the rear guard and trimmed by Dino.

Two years is a long time, was it worth the wait? ‘’As soon as I jump on the bike I smile, no matter how bad your day has been”.

Is that it? ‘’If I was going to do any more I would recess the number plate into the fender and maybe blinkers other than that she is a pearler, no money was spared, we used all American brands no Chinese shit which makes a difference, more reliable’’ The Cobra plaque ‘’his (Ken) always gotta put his print on something!’’

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