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(From the Vault) Hooters Down Under

Hooters you’ve gotta love ém! Hooters is an American slang name given to a females breast and is now thanks to six businessman from Clearwater Florida is a place where a bloke can take the family and get himself a huge servin’ of chicken wings and a whole lot of racks (Beef, Lamb and pork) and a beer served up by babes dressed in orange hot shorts and Hooters tank top appropriately named Hooter Girls (more on them later!) and Hooters restaurants are now spreading their wings down under.

The very first Hooters was actually an ‘’April Fool’s day” Joke. The six businessman purchased a rundown nightclub for a bargain and decided to open up on April 1, 1983 as a stunt and with the belief the enterprise was going to fail because of the many business’s that failed in the same location prior, the would be prankster set up a graveyard at the front door for each that had gone before them and today the April Fools joke has now 460 locations and franchises throughout America and operates another 27 restaurants world wide.

Biker and restaurant entrepreneur Morney Schlebusch is franchise owner of Hooters Restaurants Australia, making the Hooters Restaurants in Australia completely Aussie owned and operated and with his twenty years’ experience in franchising Morney has taken the business model and adapted to fit in more with the Australian market. There are currently three Hooters in Australia with plans for the 4th on to be set up at Surfers Paradise mid 2012

Hooters aren’t shy when they talk about their target patrons that being men between the age of 18-54 and do this by way of their hearty meals and ‘’unique’’ entertainment, Morney is also introducing bike nights to the restaurants the first being held on a Wednesday night at their Campbelltown store with the support of Sys Harley Davidson with games and prizes.

A bike enthusiast Morney has recruited the help of Dangerous Dave and his Hooters bike to entertain and pose for photos (Never the camera shy type) and entertain crowds at events and Hooters promo stand, Dangerous Dave is also often given the task of transporting Morney’s other pride and joy the Diamond cut and polished, 124cube (Mad Hatter Custom spray) Candy Orange 280 arse end Hooters Pro Street Chopper.

Now before we get any sexists remarks from you our beloved female readers Hooters regards itself as a neighbourhood restaurant where the family is welcomed, there are several TV screens throughout the restaurants with sport and plenty of cold beer and the Hooter girls beautiful, vivacious and intelligent! (So you may just learn something!) There is also a side to Hooters many may not know and that is that the restaurant chain support of many of the female charities and appropriately breast cancer research. You can see many of the girls walking in the Relay for Life fun runs. Staff are also given opportunities for advancement through the company and modelling opportunities and this year to mark the new management of Hooters Australia, Hooters is undertaking a search to unveil Miss Hooters Australia. The winner will fly to the USA to partake in the Miss Hooters World competition, to find the new face of Hooters internationally and win US $150,000

Lawless magazine would like to thank Morney and Hooters Australia for their hospitality and the beautiful Racheal everything!

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