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Speedworld Prostreet

There was only one place I could feature this bike and that’s the race track!

You see, the Pro Street owner is motor racing enthusiast and owner of Speedworld Collectables, Steve Libreri.

Steve first stepped (more like carried) on a Drag Strip at the tender age of two weeks of age. Dad Mario has been a long time (41 years) and valued member of Santo Cranes Top Fuel Dragster pit crew. So, having been brought up in the sport it was only natural Steve would follow his old man into the sport and is himself a member of Steve Reed “Pommy” Racing pit crew.

Steve’s full time job is as a crane driver with Penrith City Cranes and it was after injuring his back that one of the crew members of another team was selling his collectables business Speedworld Collectables – he has now owned the business for the past three years. But Steve couldn’t take himself away from his Cranes so he recruited wife Joanne to take care of the shop in Penrith through the week. There is also a Speedworld Trailer they take to all the Sydney events and many of the interstate meets, pedaling their extensive range of Die Cast Collectables and Models almost every weekend of the year.

It was a good move shooting the feature at the track with an abundance of willing promo girls lining up to plant their lycra clad Peachey rear ends on our bike - I feel guilty picking up my pay cheque! (just jokin skol). This particular meet was the Drift Australia ’09 Drift Nationals at Oran Park Raceway. With so much on his card and very little time on his hands, it was easy to see why the bike took a year and a half. Credit to Steve, the Pro Street was built entirely by himself from the ground up with the only others to lend a hand were Wild West Customs with some minor work by Smeaton Grange Paint and Panel with a lick of paint and graphics by our mate’s Chris and Ryan from Twisted Arts. While we are on paint, Steve had a fair idea of what he was looking for and wanted a bike that wasn’t too overboard, he wanted it pretty plain, fat and low.

A keen skate boarder in his early years Steve lifted the airbrush design and inlay in the seat from two of his collection of 70-80 skate boards. Steve also raced MotoX for ten years, Waterski raced and competed in the Bridge to Bridge event.

The frame he picked up from Melbourne but many of the other parts he imported through his collectables business. Steve was soon to find out how frustrating it was to build a custom bike, the waiting on parts or though there was minimal input by others - waiting on people.

The fat came about due to a 300 arse end and Steve decided at the end to run with stock Softail shocks, happy with the clearance and pointing out “if I put anymore weight on I’m gonna need bigger ones”.

The Speedword Pro-streeter runs a ballsy 127 Ultima with a 6 speed right hand drive Ultima gearbox and 3 ½ inch primary. Everyone was warning Steve that the right hand drive and 300 arse end may make the bike lean. Steve has run with a modest 48 degree rake and is happy with the handling and comfort saying it turned out to be a well balanced bike.

To keep things so called ‘plane’ powder coated the once chrome headstock, Ultima filter cover and forward controls all black. Steve is the first to admit his not quiet so finds it only right his pipes should stay true to his persona and be loud. He went about making himself some drag inspired shot gun exhaust which he ceramic coated and added a chrome tip. He also made the bars.

Staying true to his word about the only real bling on the bike would be the 80 spoke D&O rims, braided hoses and Dakota dash. In keeping with less is more this bike whilst hasn’t got the bling of many of our featured bikes lacks none of the attitude or horsepower, making it not worthy of featuring, why just ask the bikes biggest fans Steve’s tin lids Tyron and Jessica. Steve isn’t able to go for a ride without the kids bailing him up for a run around the block before he’s allowed to leave! Steve’s young bloke is to use his phrase “The Ducks Guts” amongst his mates, if dad isn’t picking up young Tyron from day care on his 127cube Pro Streeter, he’s picking him up in one of the Penrith City cranes and how many kids can say they spend most weekends at the track and even better dad owns a toy shop? Why even I’m starting to think young Tyron is the Ducks Guts!

You can check out the Speedworld Collectables stand at many of the events on the Sydney motor racing calendar, at their cool showroom at

Unit 34, 38-40 Abel Street, Penrith or check them out on line at

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