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Nino Juniors Bike

Ask 7 year old Nino Junior if he liked dad’s “Nino Senior” bike and I was shot down with a stern and direct “my bike!” Sorry mate I stand corrected. You can’t blame the kid for laying claim early to what he hopes is a family heirloom and letting dad know exactly what the story is!

Nino Senior, care taker of the bike is a mechanic by trade who like many custom bike owners comes from a hot rod back ground. Nino’s other love of his life besides his bike and family (not necessarily in that order) is his prize winning red custom built V8 1962 EK Holden utility.

Whilst Nino had ridden trail bikes since being a kid, he always wanting to build a custom bike. It was only after Nino spent time watching and lending a hand to his brother in law and custom bike builder Danny Sebaruth and with his own business “Kane’s Master Bins” doing well that he decided to bite the bullet and build his dream. It was all good in theory but like all good ideas they have to be run pass the Mrs (Linda). With an understanding wife Nino knew he had it in the bag but on one proviso. Linda said “It was just before Christmas and he really really wanted this bike and it was to be his present for the up coming Christmas, Christmas after that and one after that, he wasn’t getting anything else, besides that I can’t afford anything else!”

With the blessing of the little lady, Nino went about building the bike he always wanted to build.

First thing on the agenda was a frame, Nino and Danny took a drive up to Gosford to the Chopper Shop after hearing about their frames and decided on a Chopper Shop Custom 250 wide arse softail frame. Later adding his own touch with some modified sheet metal work. All the parts and accessories for the bike were purchased from Dave at Mild to Wild and imported from the United States. As anyone who has imported parts would know of the frustration of importation with customs, supply and delays in parts “reasons beyond Dave’s control” contributed to the lengthy build time of two years on the build. Another factor in build time would also be the use of custom made parts such as wheels from Colorado Customs Risers/Bars which are custom built with electronic gauges with hidden internal hand controls and a massive glide front end with Arlen Ness head lamp. Cow from LA Cycles built Nino a kick arse 124 cube S&S motor fitted with Jesse James designed West Coast Chopper exhaust and Web Spike air cleaner. All wiring done by Mark at Ontrak Auto Elect and as with cabling is almost completely internal.

Now that Nino and Danny had the bike up to mock up stage of the build, Nino thought it was time to come up with a color scheme.

Nino got the idea of the color scheme from his wedding day - one of his wedding cars owned by Nino’s mate Nick Savvas from Silhouette Smash - a candy pink with flake. As luck would have it, the wedding procession was on their way to the reception when they had to stop for petrol. On restarting one the cars the car back fired through the carby and caught on fire leaving the wedding party one car short. Nick apologized to Nino and told him he owed him big-time for the inconvenience. Nino was quick to grab the opportunity to let Nick know he was building a bike and knowing Nick was a spray painter, maybe they could work something out. A man true to his word Nick sprayed the bike and Marco from Silhouette did the panel beating, flow coating the bike four times. The bike was then handed over to Joe Webb from Bad Image for the Air brushing.

Because the bike gets ridden and has been for the past two years there has been (be it minimal) damage due to stone chips to the chassis of the bike.

Nick from Silhouette has told Nino he has a new heavy duty clear from PPG and the boys intend to re hi-flow (spray) the bike with a further four coats to prevent chipping.

Special thanks goes out to our two beautiful and fun models Simone and Steve and Harry’s Café De Wheels (Liverpool) and their many patrons caught in the cross fire.


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