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Turbo Bagger

The Baggers owner is a bloke named Scott ‘’Swifty’’ Tamblyn, Swifty is a mate of mine and over time we have seen this elevator builder and father of two build some crazy creations from 600+ BHP supercharged small block Chevies to Jap choppers so it was no surprise to see Swifty come up with something so outlandish as a Turbo Bagger. With a mortgage and a couple of kids it’s hard enough to make ends meat let alone building custom bikes so it has meant that he would have to use his ingenuity and skills to as a means to an ends, first he built an Yamaha XS650 rigid which he built from ground up from the rigid frame to its peanut tank and Ape bars and then registered it to raise the funds to buy his first Harley the 1991 FLHS off a mate.

Swifty picked the Bagger up for $10,000 and immediately got to work, he dropped the rear end 3’’ with a pair of Harley Davidson Sportster shocks and replaced the seat with a seat off a 1997 Road king which he modified to fit. It was not long after that the Bagger was stolen. The bloke was a local and Swifty heard stories of him riding it and he ended up narrowing down where this bloke would be and finally caught the bloke riding the bike chased him down and finally had to ram the bike and take him out to stop him which was the reason for the colour change from the original red to the Dico Stormtrooper custom mint candy green. The bloke ended up getting his eventually doing time for an unrelated offence.

Swifty notice the bike was blowing smoke and other signs that said that the bloke had given the old girl a hiding when he had it, the bike only had 30,000klms on the clock when he brought it so he only rebuilt the top end and fitted a new cam. Swifty as with myself an owner of an early 90’s bagger found it difficult to find parts so had to custom make many of the parts and in-between found the time to mock up his turbo and manifold on a dummy motor and in just two weeks had it on the actual bike and running.

The Turbo was a Garrett T25 ‘’apparently’’ off a Saab running 10.5 pound boost, which is fairly high with no intercooler. Swifty is going to introduce Methanol Injection next just to keep the air temp down, he also had to put an oil catch can (Evo motors tend to blow a bit of oil out of the breather hoses on High Powered motors),

The 18’’ Ape Hangers and exhaust was also made by Swifty the exhaust wrapped with heat wrap but will eventually be ceramic coated and a high flow turbo and new carby are also on the wish list. A 1994 Road King headlight shroud was fitted and a custom speedo replacing the stock FLHS dashboard and metal flame decals laid on bags and tins.

Whilst there is no bling out show bike and is still a work in progress it just shows the talent out there and what we can do when and not spend mega bucks Swifty’s Bagger had magazines jumping over each other to feature this bike because of the ingenuity and is a message to all that it isn’t always about looks but hey they do help, thus our model Elly!

19 year old Elly is a Promo Model from the Central Coast of N.S.W and this shoot may be her last with Elly going back to University to earn a Nursing Degree (Imagine it, Nurse may I a sponge bath?)Born in Manly she now lives on the central coast with best friend Nicole “she’s cool and funny and loves to dance and so funny!’’ (We have to meet this Nicole) When asked off her exotic looks she puts it down to breeding Dad’s Egyptian and mums an Aussie, I have my mum’s eyes. When asked where she got that hot body the reply was ‘’ I don’t know, I had a Gym membership for a year and went once, the day I got it and hasn’t gone back since and I love shitty foods, I love Mac Donald’s, chocolate and fruit loops’’. The first thing the single Elly looks for in a bloke is eyes ‘’you know when you do a shoot and the model has those innocent eyes but they are sexy eyes? Well the boys need to have those naughty eyes but good eyes, doesn’t matter what colour, and funny they also need to be funny!’’ Ok cool what about the bedroom? ‘’depends on the person, I don’t like romantic sex its shit, Boring and I don’t like it too rough, some lovers I go really wild on some I don’t depends on the person!’’ favourite position ‘’Missionary’’ and the bike ‘’It was a fun shoot and ride and the colour was Wicked!’’

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