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Oxytech Powder Coating for the 21st Century

Powder Coating over the years was thought of as a durable and tough surface and was only used on hard wearing areas which were somewhat in the background such as frames, which was somewhat understandable because of the limit of colours available, five in total, Satin Black, Gloss Black, Pearl White, Primrose and Heritage Green.

Oxytech’s Scott Barter has taken on the task of changing people’s perception on powder coating and introducing them to how versatile and how far powder coating has come as an alternative to spray painting. Scott had been in the industry for several years and when the opportunity to take over distribution for powder coating manufacturer Oxyplas here in Australia came up, Scott jumped at the opportunity and decided to do it his way.

The first step for Scott was to source newer products and better products and target a different customer than the traditional powder coating market which is predominately architectural and building, windows. He decided to turn his attention to one of his passions, show cars and a somewhat needy and untapped automotive market and went about creating trick new colours and new finishes and the move has paid off for the boys.

Based in Smithfield in Sydney NSW, Oxytech ship Australia wide and deal predominately with powder coaters and in house coaters that coat everything from electrical switchboards, fencing and architectural aluminium to his new found customers in the automotive industry. Now with 300 products and finishes now in stock and available for coating everything with show quality results and vast range of custom finishes and blends.

Oxyplas is Oxytech’s key product and is imported from Singapore. Oxyplas supply much of the mainstream colours but anything above and beyond is imported from the USA. Such is the demand, the colour range is endless and now includes flouro’s, chromes and dormant and there is also high temp powders for use on exhaust and high temp components.

Powder coating has many attributes and qualities that far outweigh other applications. The powder coating process and the chemical basis of the powder makes the finish far stronger and impact resistant to traditional applications because many of the top coats are polyesters and far more flexible than traditional 2 Pac paints and has a higher MAR (typical wear) resistance and higher rating impact, hardness rating and is commonly used on coil springs and suspension components.

Another good quality compared to wet paint is in the application and powder coating which wins hands down when it comes to drying and hardening time with powder coating once the item is cleaned, prepped, electrically statically apply the coating and place in the oven for the prescribed backing period the item can be removed and left to cool and is ready to use, unlike traditional finishes which may take days if not weeks to harden. The powder coating process is time efficient and ideal for repetitive painting of separate items.

Oxytech are not powder coaters as such but Scott and right hand man Daniel spray regularly, hone their skills and techniques coating small jobs for friends and are happy to pass on their research and development on to customers. Much of the boys work is used on top of their game show cars such as the Street Machine Grand Champion the Chop Shop’s FB.

Many of the parts on the FB were coated and the Oxytech boys would take the process one step further in their quest to research and develop what they could do with the powder coating process and learnt a great deal of what the powders were actually capable of and cut and polishing the powder coat to a mirror finish on the differential and suspension components.

Oxytech are guys you can actually talk to and at the height of their game and as mentioned are more than pleased to answer any questions you may have. ‘’We deal with powder coaters generally’’ says Scott ‘’ so there is no reason someone in WA can’t achieve the same finish as we would here in Sydney. Just speak to your local coater and they will contact us and we will have a chat over the phone or come to them and run them through the techniques and requirements to achieve certain finishes. We can also supply a large range of metal fillers to smooth out welds to help powder coaters achieve show worthy finishes.’’

A noticeable emerging customer base has been the hobby coater. Oxytech have no restrictions on quantities which means hobby coaters with small back yards don’t have to buy in bulk or by the box. Oxytech will make up orders as small as 1kg and for those wanting to learn the techniques, Oxytech carry a large range of books, tapes and plugs and everything else one would need to pull off a high quality finish. Everything is available off the shelf, industrial automotive paint strippers, pre-treatment chemicals such as DR50 (simply wipe over bare metal surfaces to remove surface rust), aluminium brighteners, touch up paints and more.

You can contact Oxytech on 1300 353 655 or fax (02) 9675-4279 or check them out at and make sure quote that you read it in!

In pursuit of giving the Lawless Magazine reader even more say in their magazine, we want to ask you the reader ‘’ is there a product or a service you may want to read about or you may have a product our readers would be interested in?’’

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