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The Big Z

Everyone has heard the old saying “if these walls could talk’’ meaning if a home or structure could talk, well imagine if you used the same sort of acknowledgement to your motor vehicle?

Could you imagine it ‘’if this car or even bike could talk’’ it’s probably a good thing it doesn’t, well this bike is one such vehicle.

Legend has it this bike was once owned by one of Sydney’s most ‘notorious’ bikies and has had a somewhat colorful history.

The bike was neglected and worn out when new owner (who we will refer to as) Big Z found it and the bike went through a full overhaul.

The bike was based off a 2006 Big Bear and underwent many persona’s in its relatively short life and was getting the full treatment this time round, Big Z recruited the services of custom builder “Ken’’ from Cobra Craft.

The work order as mentioned was a full overhaul and change of color.

The bikes front end was the first step and the standard forks were replaced with American inverted suspension, the PM (Performance Machine) 4-piston caliper and rotors were serviced and remounted front, as were the PM hand and foot controls. The 2” Dakota speedo also stock was remounted Cobra Craft fabricated a custom slider brake line and the line for the custom hydraulic clutch.

A 124-cube S&S engine with a Baker 6 speed powers the standard 300-arse end. The standard PM caliper and rotors were refitted to the rear and the rear number plate was frenched into the guard and custom tail lights and turn signals fabricated in-house by Cobra Craft.

The custom coil cover and many of the chrome parts were also fabricated by Ken at Cobra Craft, Custom paint, The Panel Pit and mural was by Ken’s good mate Birko.

I like many have been a long time fan of a Big Bear chopper and not only because of it’s Aussie creator but due to the fact they are not only a good looking bike but they are a riders bike unlike many of its competitors and it was great to see this bike restored to its former life and more importantly be ridden and on the road where it should be.

A special thanks needs to go out to Ken (Cobra Craft), this bloke constantly turns out cool rides but shrugs off any recognition and turns up his nose to any exposure but time in and time out Ken is the guy that is behind or has had a hand in many of the show bikes that bare a different name or no acknowledgement of his input so this ones for you big feller! He’s going to hate me for this.

Much of Ken’s work is word of mouth but he is in the phone book and don’t think you need a show bike Ken deals with all styles of bikes and if its custom you want Ken is the bloke to see!

Workshop babe is Hannah, by day a preschool teacher and by night, well I will leave that to your imagination.

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