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Musa Arslan is one of those characters bigger than life so it was no surprise when Musa told me he was building a bike that would blow me away and true to his word the Slaya was born.

Musa decided to buy a bike in kit form from the USA and assemble it here at home and the bike he chose was a Bourget Bike Works Python after watching the movie ‘’The Expendables’’ in which the Python had a starring role as Sylvester Stallone’s whip.

There are several models in the Bourget Bikes Works range and they come in many configurations and most all of the Bourget components are custom made in-house.

Musa’s Slaya comprises of the BBW (Bourget Bike Works) rigid patent oil in frame/ drop seat chassis with 47 degree rake and BBW Springer front end with billet shock, 7’’ back bone and 6’’ down tube stretch and 330 radius arse end and front air dam.

The power plant is a 113 cube S&S with BBW shorty style exhaust, Baker 6 speed transmission, Primo Brute IV- 3’’ belt drive and BBW patent belt drive jackshaft with centred drive train and 2’’ carbon fibre belts.

The wheels are BBW hatchet style with matching rotors (drive side pulley rotor brakes on the rear) and belt guard and 4 spot callipers. The front is 21’’ x 3.50’’ and 17’’ x 11.5’’ rear.

The Python also comes with a Dakota digital speedo, black leather seat and matching passenger pad. The blue true flame paint cost Musa $8,000.

Musa now a young 52 years of age bought his first bike, a Suzuki katana 1100 when he was 18 and has owned everything from Ducati’s to Harley’s, so what does he think of his new pride and joy.

‘’For what it is, it’s a cool ride, it’s a comfortable ride but you just have to look for those pot holes. It’s a rigid, hard on the back and it lets you know you have a spine there. The 330 arse end compensates for the length but riding around roundabouts takes a little practice but I think my truck driving skills have given help when it comes to allowances. I took it down to Kangaroo Valley and the Macquarie Pass and I tell you what, it impressed a lot of guys behind me, it flew and handled great. I chose BBW because they custom make everything for their own bikes and I didn’t want any that was Chinese made, just quality. The approachability, styling and most importantly the quality also impressed me. People know a good bike and the bike has magnetism. When you park it with other bikes people just walk pass the Harleys and straight up to check it out.’’

Magnetism was important for Musa because the bike was to be a working bike and hired out for weddings and social occasions but also for something close to Musa’s heart, charities such as Pink Ribbon and the Westmead Children’s Hospital. ‘’I chose the lower profile because kids can sit on it and they were the inspiration for the build, kids with problems. I don’t care about fingerprints or anything just as long as they have fun. It’s a good thing and I love it, I love the fact I can use the bike to raise money for those who need it and if there is a call for it I will be the first to put my hand up. It’s been rewarding, a stranger may come up to you have a conversation and walk away as friends and the real reward is seeing that smile on that kids face, they have no hair from chemotherapy and are very sick kids and they see this thing and just go nuts, sit on it and love it!’’

The Slaya is available for Weddings, Formals and Photo Shoots by contacting Musa on 0410 067 873 or email

Model – Audrina

My name is Audrina. I am 24 years old and I am an exotic dancer from Sydney, NSW.

I work in most strip clubs around Sydney & also do a lot of private parties, promo work & modelling.

In my spare time I enjoy going to the beach, shopping, working out and dining with friends.

I love rock/heavy metal music and have a weak spot for rock stars. My idol is Marilyn Manson, whom I have a tattoo of on my body. You could pretty much say that I'm a major rock groupie ;)

My best asset I would say are my boobs. They are a size G.

I love to show them off any chance I have, when I am tanning at the beach and when I'm out partying with my girlfriends.

If you would like to see more of me, follow me on Facebook: Mizzdirrty Rockkstarr

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