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Carl’s Weezer

No, Weezer ain’t the pet name of young Carl Nelson’s appendage or a phrase he likes to use before taking a leak, infact the Weezer is a motorcycle.

The Weezer is a 1965 model 650cc rigid Bobber modelled on a Vintage BSA 10 and this particular Weezer was built in South Australia and is the only one in Australia.

Carl has owned the Weezer for the past twelve months. A mechanic by trade, after purchasing the bike he rebuilt it from the ground up with the help of three others, one being an elderly engineer from South Australia who built a Billet front end adding a 6 degree rake. Other alterations were by way of a Harley Davidson Sportster fuel tank, handle bars and BSA oil tank. The motor was also rebuilt with a big bore kit and cam. Carl chose to stay with the four speed transmission.

Riding the Weezer was a learning experience for Carl, the first lesson learn’t was how hard the rigid ride was. Carl decided to add a couple of coil over shocks to the saddle cause as Carl put it “The bike was a two hour bike! You’d ride for a couple of hours and have to jump off - with the seat suspension I can ride all day!” The second hurdle was getting used to the left side foot brake and right side gear change. Carl confidently tells me “After a ½ hour it’s just like anything else and you are doing 110 kph all day”.

The plan for the photo shoot was to meet at Carl’s home and head to a local church or barn to do the shoot. Once at Carl’s semi rural abode plans changed and I was in for an afternoon of country hospitality, chicken sandwiches and a few beers. Carl gave me the guided tour and I was soon to find out that the Weezer isn’t Carl’s only toy. Carl has a shed that’s full to the brim with everything from a 350 V8 FJ Holden (which he has owned for the past 34 years since the age of 17), numerous dirt bikes and his other pride and joy an immaculate 1976 750cc Triumph Bonneville. Carl told me how lucky he and the Trumpy are to be here to talk about it!

Carl bought the bike from a bloke on the NSW south coast. The bloke kept the bike in pristine condition and the Trumpy took pride and place in the bloke’s living room under a bed sheet. The story goes that the bloke had to watch the TV over top of the bike. Carl fell in love and bought the Trumpy on the spot. Carl had the little lady (Vicky) come with him to drive the car back home. They were two blocks from where he purchased it when the unthinkable happened. Carl stopped at a give way sign with Vicky directly behind him in the car. Carl was under the impression the car next to him was turning right, only the car baulked and came to a halt. Carl did the same only to have Vicky do him Liberace style! Straight up the bum and Carl ending up on the bonnet of their car. Vicky swears it wasn’t on purpose, saying she is fine with Carl and his toys. She says Carl can have his bikes as long as she can have her menagerie. The damage bill was $3,500 to the Trumpy and a further $1,500 to Vicky’s SS Commodore. The Trumpy was put through an extensive rebuild by Triumph maestro Normie Mifsud (formerly of Jim Eades Motorcycles).

Carl and his brother Les Nelson come from a proud history of speedway racing.

The boys would ride their pushbikes around the old Sydney Royal Showground track and attend the speedway event regularly, cheering on their cousins and former Australian champions Cecil and Ray Platt. They earned the nick name from patrons and competitors as “The Skid Kids”.

Les kept up the proud tradition by winning this year’s NSW Micro Sprint title.

The Platt family can also lay claim to inventing and what was to become a traveling circus and motorcycle legend “The Globe of Death”. This is a metal sphere in which a motorcycle would enter and ride around the inside surface defying gravity and pushing it to the limits in a circular action, at times upside down. Carl’s uncle Edward “Teddy” Platt invented the “Globe of Death” before World War II, traveling Queensland and displaying his death defying feats and trick cycling (push bikes) at country fairs and carnivals .

Invention must be in the Blood. Carl has also invented a solution to city commuting! Carl and Les have created the Aussie Go Bike, a mountain bike with a 60cc two stroke motor, capable of 35kph and a 100 kms per litre.

You might be thinking “it’s been done before!" But wait! This one’s different unlike the others The Aussie Go Bike has a clutch, meaning the motor can be engaged and disengaged when stopping and starting. Burn out’s are not recommended! Carl got the inspiration for the bike while cruising on Ebay. Carl saw the motors and forever the thinker, thought to himself “what can I do with those?”

Carl and Les were also one of the first to bring in the Pocket Bikes (miniature Jap sport bikes) to Australia, and the pair always seem to be (in their words) “looking for a gimmick”. Les swears by the Pocket Rocket. The Pocket Rocket is Les’s preferred mode of transport when staying in his second home in the Philippines. Les would ride to his favorite bar, throw the Rocket on the bar, have a drink and ride home. Les proudly tells me how the Pocket Rocket’s were banned in the United States due to the ‘Gangs’ using them for get away vehicles from robberies.

When Carl’s beautiful daughter Haley got wind of Lawless talking to her dad about the feature she was keen to get in our ‘Quality Mag’ and after seeing Haley I was more than happy to oblige! 22 year old Haley has ridden most of her life - like dad. Haley’s first bike was a 50cc peewee, only now finds herself spending more time on one of the family’s many horses. She also enjoys reading Lawless. Haley’s one of our female readers and reads the mag monthly. She says she has always wanted to be in it. Haley’s a lover of animals, tattoo’s and piercing (so she reads the right mag!). Haley likes stylish bikes and this is why she wouldn’t have anyone else on her dads bikes - because they have style!

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