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Hossstyle Barbarian

Hossstyle Cycles have come a long way since cutting their teeth on the Aussie dirt and sand drag circuits and now build their V8 bikes for many of their competitors.

Hossstyle Cycles have now taken their legendary V8 drag bike and created a street legal federal ADR compliant brother to their competition bike, the 330HP, 5.7LTR Barbarian.

The size and stance say it all when it comes to the aptly named Barbarian. The bikes six gallon tank resembles the chest and the solid back bone and the motor or midsection gives the bike an overall look of what one imagines a middle ages warrior to be, enormous and strong, whilst the 2’’ over massive clamp front end gives the bike a stance that is strong and proficient.

The Barbarian has a professional and quality finish equal to or surpassing many of the production bikes on the market, a result in part due to their research and development in their racing pursuits and being hand built in the hands stage of production which has resulted in a roadworthy well balanced bike .The Barbarian weighs in at just under 400kg, it might not corner like a superbike, but the bike is sturdy and well manageable through the windy stuff and is only around 40kg heavier and offers a great alternative to a mass produced tourer.

The 2013 Barbarian comes standard with a 330HP, 5.7 LTR Chevrolet Vortec motor with Edelbrock aluminium heads and because the bike runs a standard Chevrolet clutch assembly and Harley Davidson clutch cable, the Barbarian is easy to work on or can be serviced by any licensed motor mechanic.

The 2013 Barbarian has also gone through several development changes from its predecessors.

The original front end has been replaced with a radically up graded 2’’ over Massive Clamp front end, four pistons, Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide Brembo callipers front and rear and a Harley Davidson FLH master cylinder and micro switch which are mounted on the running board. A 1’’ axel with twin castle nuts has also been fitted to the rear. The six gallon tank has been extended 4 inches to give it more shape and match the engine’s rocker covers and is a far better suit for the bike. The battery has been replaced with a larger jet ski size battery. The battery box and gearbox mounting plates have also been replaced on the 2013 Barbarians and substituted with the aluminium equivalent. These subtle changes have reduced the bikes weight 20kg and under the 400kg threshold. Which brings us to suspension and it goes without saying a V8 motorcycle needs good suspension. Hossstyle has taken the stock Massive Clamp suspension and upgraded the stock springs 10 fold, making them 10 times stronger than standard and added 40 bar/ 680 PSI Denali rear shocks, the same used on a Boeing 737 aircraft.

The Barbarian is a totally hand built custom motorcycle and is built to the custom requirements; customers can have their choice of customised colours, one off handmade tins (tanks and guards) and even handle bars. The Barbarian takes around a month to build and depending on paint can be delivered in around 6-7 weeks. All paint work is done by acclaimed Hot Rod panel shop Smeaton Grange Smash.

So popular are these bikes, the bikes are just walking out the door, this particular bike was finished the morning of the photo shoot and was to be picked up the following morning, but knowing the bike was finished the Victorian owner arranged pick up of the bike that afternoon.

If interested you can email and ask for one of their promotional packs which includes detailed information on the bike and a free DVD or check them out at

Phone: (02) 4659 7558 Mobile: 0428 415 819

Since the last Barbarian, which was featured in Ozbiker Nation 393, there have been just a few changes in how the Barbarian is put together.

The engine is now an LS1 EFI motor, which is 80 kilos lighter than the previous 350 Chev cast motor.

Because of the EFI, you can just tune it and forget about it.

This new model rides extremely smooth, with no vibrations.

With coil pack covers, theres no need for header protectors, its a better look.

Theres improved ground clearance, which makes cornering just about spot on.

The side stand is now a Billett model, so it wont bend.

Fuel capacity is 29 litres, getting you over 200ks per tank.

Painted in Candy Wine Red by Smeaton Grange Panel & Paint.

The bikes are dyno'd at Injection Perfection at Condell Park.

Once the car makers are gone in Oz, Hossstyle Cycles will be the only manufacturer of registered vehicles in Australia!



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