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If anyone was to ask ‘’what’s your favourite bike’’ it’s a no brainer it’s Harley Davidson but after seeing these Hyabusa’s first hand I have to say the Hyabusa is a close second, the popularity of the custom sports bike has set the custom bike scene on its head and has done so for many years in Europe and the America’s and now Australia has hit the ground running and we are now producing some of the these eye catching custom rockets right here in OZ and these are just two of them.

The owners Nelson Seris and Shane Marsh have produce two of the finest bikes I have ever seen and whilst the bikes are of the same model they have gone their own way in design and styling.

The first is Nelson’s 2002, 300bhp House of Kolor Tangerine Candy Orange Hyabusa. Speed mad Nelson brought the bike originally purely due to the fact it was turbo from a bloke in Canberra. The turbo was fitted by SR Pro in Penrith in Sydney’s west and fitted in a manor where the bike was referred to as a sleeper, that is whilst the bike had the engine modifications you would not notice any difference from a stock model bike on first glance with its intercoolers positioned under the tank you it made it tough for the average Joe to know if the bike was even turbo, the only noticeable additions were the Yoshi mufflers but whilst the bike looked stock the Hyabusa was putting out 250bhp at the back wheels and as it stands now is pumping out a massive 300bhp.

4 times Australian Wrestling Champ and MMA Fighter Nelson fears very little and not long after buying the bike got done for riding the Hyabusa on his Learners permit and then again on his provisional license it was then that he decided to take the bike off the road and throw the wide arse rear end on the beast. A fan of the fat arse rear ended Harley’s Nelson was actually in the market for a Harley and it was when he was scouring the classifieds that he decided to check out the Hyabusa and then searched the after markets sights on the net where he found an abundance of aftermarket parts for the Hyabusa and got onto Bike craft in Melbourne and had them order the Wide Arse kit in.

As most of you blokes know all good plans can go to shit without the backing of the other half so Nelson ran his plans for a wide as rear end pass Fiancé Erica that the project really took a turn when Erica made the comment ‘’ I recon you should paint it” so Nelson like most blokes to that as an open invitation and decided to not only respray the bike but search the net for as much chrome and aftermarket parts as possible.

Nelson got the colour from a mates Harley and spray painter and friend Peter from Eurocolour Port Kembla matched the colour to the House of Kolor Tangerine Candy Orange only his friend went with a gold base coat where Nelson decided on a silver base coat. Peter laid down 3 different shade samples, 5 coats, 4 coats and finally 3 coats of paint and left it to Erica and Nelson in which they decided to take the middle road and go with the 4coat lick and couldn’t be happier saying ‘’it’s the perfect colour, wasn’t too dark and wasn’t too light and it pops in the sun’’ The Rio avoided the urge of airbrushing and decided to add the original logo on the tank and the Chinese symbol (which translated says souring eagle) on the fairing and rear guard.

The RC component wide arse rear end/tyre kit came complete with 300 rear tyre, 18’’ rim, a Jack shaft set up with two chains, chrome callipers and rotors and swing arm. Nelson decided on the matt black rather than the chrome because he wanted a bit of contrast from all the chrome and bling on the bike and also added a Tricky Air ride suspension kit and replaced the standard rear end with an aftermarket replacement and aftermarket lowering rods to stop scrubbing out. The handling has changed with the addition of the rear end but has made the bike a lot smoother, with the standard swingarm the 17’’ front wheel would lift at 280klmp/h in fourth gear and third gear would just throw the front up where now it just smokes tyres in 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th even with the 300 tyre.

With the SR pro turbo (off a Nissan 200X) already fitted to gain more horsepower Nelson upsized the blow off valve, fitted an aftermarket fuel pump and head valves and STI Computer. The Hyabusa currently runs at 10pld boost is to his credit is quick to admit when he did hit the 300bhp the boost and only due to the fact he couldn’t get traction decided to reduce the boost even now Nelson says it doesn’t take much to take the speedo needle off the clock and how he is often asked how it goes in the top end and the only way he can describe it is how 6th gear is much like 3rd, it doesn’t lose any power or response and just keeps giving.

Unlike Nelson’s, Shanes bike is a little more on the sedate side when it comes to power, (which means nothing when you consider the Hyabusa was once the fastest production bike on the built) but lacks nothing of the street cred!

Shane brought his bike brand new and has been customising the bike since then, just doing little modifications and then decided he would like a fender eliminator because he didn’t like the original mudguard and with aftermarket parts in Australia being of a minimum he found it tough until one shop put him in touch with a bloke in Penrith named Matt Gittoes who did a lot of sheet metal work, Shane then put the proposal of fabricating a eliminator for him and Matt had no problem straight away saying ‘’no problem I can make that’’ and it was whilst Matt was hard at work on the eliminator that Shane stumbled across a video on you tube of a bloke who had an air ride system on his bike and Shane then wanted one and just happen to mention it to Matt in which he replied ‘’ I work in pneumatics I could make that!’’ measured up the bike, machined blocks, added a cylinder, a compressor and valves and fabricated the air suspension setup from scratch. Shane did away with the original fender and added the 2008 Gen 2 rear end with smoked tail light lenses and added a side mount number plate holder.

It wasn’t long after Shane finished his modifications that he had the misfortune of all of his work being compromised, Shane made the same mistake as many myself included, that is letting someone mount your steer and something as simple as turning around in the street could cause so much damage reliving the horror Shane recounts the accident ‘’I let my mate ride it and I don’t know if he was scared of it, he went across the road not even walking pace, hit the curb and dropped it on its fairing.’’

We have all been there and there is nothing worse than looking at scares on anything let alone your pride and joy and Shane new he had to fix and spoke to the Fiancé Rafia asking her permission to forgo the funds to fix his baby and the conversation went like this,

Rafia, ‘’When are we going to get married?’’

Shane ‘’When I finish my bike!’’

Rafia ‘’you love your bike more than me?’’

‘’no’’ said Shane ‘’It’s just that when we get married my bike won’t even get a look in!’’

It was at that moment Rafia started laughing ‘’She knew what I meant!’’ Shane says and then asked how much he needed and handed over the money and true to his promised then got married. Aint love grand?

Shane started the rebuild with the small accessories, pegs, handle bars, grips, seat, tank pad and bolt on chrome and ordered a 300 RC wide arse kit with imperial rims and clear clutch covers. When it came to paint Matt came through putting him in touch with his friend Lindsey Neils, the original plan was to go with a Lamborghini inspired green or silver. Lindsey lent Shane an assortment of colour chips and Shane went through them for a week until he stumbled on to a colour totally left field from his first selection, the colour Rojo Delhi, only to take one of the contributing colours out and add a bronze which has given the bike a burnt bronze highlight in the sun and a purple plum colour in the shade so the boys took it onto themselves to rename their reinvention of the base colour and name it Cherry Cola.

It was whilst the bike was stripped down Shane added a 220 blue LED light kit. Shane has so far shunned the temptation to do any major motor modifications reasons being one, He spent his budget on cosmetic changes and had no money left for turbo or Nitros and two He doesn’t need it “its 1300cc and was is one of the world’s fastest production bikes, what more speed do you need?

If there was one thing that did worry Shane with the build was the 300 arse end, after hearing some of the horror stories concerning handling issues with Harleys with 300 kits but found his fears unfounded and puts it down to the fact the Hyabusa may have more profile on the road then Harleys mainly because they use an 18’’ rim thus has more of an arc. Shane has found it simple to turn in roundabouts and tight roads; the only difficulty is navigating it around in tight places being so long 2.3meters. The rear end extended the bike 8 inches all up. Another bloke who also had a lot to do with the rebuild was Shane’s friend Josh who rewired the Hyabusa and ironed out a few problems.

Let’s not forget our beautiful models and good sports Rhiannan Harvey (Nelsons bike) and Emma Kelly (Shane’s bike). 19 year old Emma is a store manager of a Supre outlet in a suburb of Wollongong who enjoys netball, the 171cm tall DD cup Glamour travels to Sydney 3 days a week to train and plays once a week and also competes in swimsuit comps and models swimwear. Emma likes the healthy life goes to gym every day and tries to eat well, I say some times cause she has a weakness for MacDonald’s ‘’Delicious’’ she says

20 year old Rhiannan is a property officer also from the south Coast who likes tennis but has had to take time off due to a shoulder injury and does modelling just for fun she too use to be a D cup but as she has got fitter finds herself a C cup (But hey a healthy C)

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