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Double Feature

Every time I run into Rick Ciano he has another ride so it was no surprise when he rang me to tell me about his newest project a 2012 Night Rod he had just finished and wanted to feature but what a surprise was when I arrived at the studio and to have the truck roll up with not one but two bikes! The second was a kick arse Prostreet Chopper and the surprises weren’t going to stop there. When the man of the hour finally rocked up he rocked up with two of the hottest babes he had just flown down from the Gold Coast and it was then everything was explained. The Prostreet Chopper was a project Ivan Tesic was working on and then Rick and some of Ivan’s mates chipped in to finish the project so it could be sold to pay Ivan’s legal fees.

Ivan’s Prostreet is a true head turner but it’s not until you take a closer look that you really appreciate the bike and is it any wonder with the wealth of talent enlisted in the build. Master builders Dave and Brad from Mild & Wild Custom Cycles were intrusted with the build and Dave went about getting together the A-team for the build. First being Sydney’s Da Vinci of Fabrication Darryl Farnon (Farnon Fabrication), Piccasso of Custom Paint Joe Webb, the one-off seat a Bad Arse creation by Dave and from another of our Aussie talents in Ky from the Central Coast who was left to the task of the exhaust and finally Pat from Ausrod Elect laid down the mile of wire.

The most notable feature besides the obvious in the cool paint laid down by Joe Webb would be the stance and foot print of Ivan’s bike. The bike gets its stance from an American suspension F45 front end and rides on a set of custom Dragway rims designed by Ivan (23x3.5 front and 18x10.5). Finishing off the front end is a pair of Burleigh Bars custom handle bars with PM hand controls and an Arlen Ness head light.

One thing Mild & Wild is known for is their motors and love of horse power. Ivan’s Prostreet is every part what a motorhead’s dream is made of with its 124ci S&S. Only the brave or the stupid would be silly enough to line this baby up, fitted with G square heads and twin G series carbs the bike was making a whopping 160hp before the Nitrous Oxide was fitted. All those horses get their feet on the ground through a PM belt drive and RSD 6 speed Baker box and keeping with the PM theme the Pro Street is pulled up with PM brakes and PM forward controls.

With all that’s happening with Ivan’s bike it’s easy to forget about the reason we are here - Rick’s Night Rod, which in my books holds its own when there are comparisons between the two. There is nothing better to be on a whip that is comfortable and has power to spare and this is exactly what Rick and once again Mild & Wild Custom Cycles have set out to do.

The 2012 Night Rod is the second Rick has owned and he had a fair idea of what he needed to do. The bike had already had plenty of internal work done and this is what attracted Rick to the bike when buying it and it just came down to cosmetic up grades and to improve rider comfort. The VRod came with drag bars and Rick hated the ride position and they had to go. Mild & Wild changed out the bars for a set of Burleigh 14”1-1/2 High Ball bars and the ride was improved by replacing the stock suspension for an Arnott air ride system and the improvements were immediate. Rick had this to say. ‘’The ape bars are far more comfortable and the air suspension rides much better, want to look cool down low and comfortable up high.’’

Performance wise, besides the Vance & Hines comp series pipes there was very little that needed to be done so it was all cosmetic from there on with PM Gasser wheels 21x2.15 front and 18x8.5 fitted on the rear with matching rotors (discs), custom front guard and airbox, the airbox is mounted in the full tank position on the VRod and the fuel tank is positioned beneath the seat. The ‘’tins’’ guards and airbox are the easiest, cheapest and rewarding custom changes an owner can make.

The standard pulley cover was changed out with a Risoma pulley cover, Alloy Art front blinkers fitted to front, Bullet LED blinkers to rear and a Bullet head light and the finishing touch, a custom number plate holder.

Rick has wanted to keep the original look and chose to keep the original matte black with red stripe reflective of the original styling and has made subtle changes that ornate the bike without changing the bike’s personality and to his credit has come up with a clean and comfortable ride!

Trying to fit the 9ft long chopper and the VRod in the same shoot was always going to be a challenge but when Zoe and Tash stripped down to their bare essentials all fears were forgotten. Zoe (brunette) is a size 8, 23 year old part time model and make-up artist from the Gold Coast. Favourite assets her 8G breast and booty (her words not mine). Tash Mackenzie (blonde), freelance model and show girl who also goes by the show name of Ruby Daniels. Ruby or should that be Tash is of no fixed address and travels Oz but still calls Brisbane home. Tash loves getting naked, partying and bikes. ‘’I love anything that is loud and purrs!’’ she says. Special thanks to our other model, Burnzy!

Dedicated to Simon Radic.

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