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Jason’s Pride

You know it’s not always roses being a contributor with Ozbike, don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining and it has it perks. One of the hardest things is setting up the photo shoot, finding the bike, working out a location and if needed finding the right girl and then afterwards, editing all the photos and writing the story.

Jason’s Pride owner Jason was so keen to get in the magazine he had already done all the hard work and I had the envious job of just taking the photos.

Jason’s Pride is a cool 1996 Evo Softail FL, Jason’s mate Peter had the cool location, a man shed on his acreage and to top it all off he had organized one of the sexiest girls I have photographed, Bombshell Model - Electra. Does life get any better?

Jason’s Pride by Jason

When I first bought the bike it was in bad shape and boring to look at. It used to be a mates dad’s bike. I soon started stripping it but left the motor stock for reliability. I have now owned it for about 5 years.

I bought a stretch tank from Ultima, chrome swing arm from the States, braided hoses, front mag is a Al and Ness Slayer rim bought from MCA, rear mag is a Fatboy rim which I rubbed back to get the polished look. I also bought a primary case cover, Kuryakyn Hypercharger air filter, foot pegs, Pro One front end, Avon tires front and rear, skull brake and clutch lever valve caps and number plate bolts are also skulls, blue LED lights underneath for effects, 10 inch raised Burleigh bars, Santee pipes, plus probably more.

On the stretch tank I had problems finding a center console to fit the tank so I customized an aluminum plate and engraved flames in it to match my bike so it covered up the terrible looking gap between the tanks and gave it a better look.

I was very lucky to have good mates that are good with bikes that helped with some bits and pieces but most of it I did myself.

The paint theme is Mica blue with silver Celtic flames with red pin stripping.

While sitting in my man cave kicking back with my bro and some mates, my brother Adrian and I were looking at it and visualizing skulls on it and thinking how good it would look. Adrian is a good artist so he air brushed the skulls on it and brought the bike to life as we vision, making it my one-of-a kind and my pride and joy.

Huge thanks to all my mates, mainly Scaramunga and My Brother Adrian for all their help.

Our beautiful model is 21 year old Electra. Electra works as a waitress for Bombshell Entertainment and also holds down a day job in logistics.

When not working, Electra likes to spend time with her dogs, an American Staffy and the Staffy’s sibling a staffy x German Shepard. But a chick doesn’t look this damn good from just walking the dogs Electra is a self-confessed adrenaline junky and enjoys tackling the rapids in a kayak, rock climbing and the beach and stays fit with powerlifting, cross-fit training and Pole Dancing and still finds time studying for her personal training degree.

Elektra is quick to admit she doesn’t know much about bikes but says she loves them and they are sexy and that will do me, but she has however been on her late Stepfathers Triumph and a Harley and has ridden and can ride dirt bikes. “I’m a whiz when it comes to the accidental wheelie.’’ How Cute!

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