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Beach Bum Fatboy

The aptly named Beach Bum Fatboy is owned by 26 year old Jason Cullen, Jason started his racing career at 13years of age racing Moto X and has carried on to race in the Australian Superbike Series, so what makes a bloke go from Superbike to Hog? Licence! ‘’There’s so much difference, at least with the Hog I have less chance of losing my licence, where if I was on a superbike on the street and use to doing 260kph on the track I couldn’t really go back to 60kph on the road and the Harley looks good, sounds good and I have more chance of keeping my licence’’ Jason say’s. Back in 2005 Jason found himself a stock 2005 Fatboy and with all his racing experience the writing was on the wall and that this bike had to have a makeover and there was no time to spare. First thing was the bike needed to be Blue slipped and N.S.W complied and registered and this was going to be the only time it was to be ridden by its new owner in its stock configuration because with the ink still not dry on the rego papers the bike was back at good friend Darren Dredge’s garage and with a hand from another close mate and fellow Fatboy owner the bike was stripped down to its bare backbone. Once stripped the boys went about giving the stock frame some attitude and give the bike some rake, the exact amount of rake wasn’t measured, the boys preferring to do their measurements by eye heating and bending until it looked right. The axe wasn’t going to stop there the arse end was also modified to accommodate a 240 arse end. Many of the parts in the bike were a mix of off the shelf or custom, the swing arm was purchased but much of the other components such as the Struts were made by friends, his mates bikes that have also undergone the arse end conversion chose to widen the original guard, Jason chose to avoid the hassle and brought the guard off the shelf.

The bike was originally black and Jason was happy with the colour at the time but as we all know it would be only time and the standard motor was replaced with an 113cubic inch Harley Davidson Screamin’ Eagle motor with Screamin’ Eagle billet crank and Screamin’Eagle C&C ported heads, 264 Cams, Screamin’Eagle Racing 64mm billet throttle body and Thunder Max CCU. The kick arse note is by way of the Samson Street Sweeper pipes.

Just for looks 4’’ over forks were fitted and chromed, the original Harley feet replaced with a set of 18’’ Racing World rims and Beach Bars (Handle Bars) with braided lines and PM (Performance Machine) hydraulic hand controls so the lines could be run through the bars. PM parts are used much through the bike, PM 6 spot callipers were also used on the front and rear to pull the tiger to a stop, PM pegs and foot controls. Jason made the seat pan from fibreglass and a friend brought him back a Stingray pelt from Thailand and Shellharbour Upholstery trimmed it up. With the only thing on the bike original and stock left on the bike was the front axle and the paintjob and it may have taken a couple of years but that (paint) too was to undergo a face lift. Tyron Lacey from Tony Lacey Smash Repairs, Oak Flats laid down the new black and red scallop paint job and 6 Star Signs and Graphics had artistic licence with the entire graphic and airbrush work, the finishing touch a Screamin’ Eagle dash panel.

After reading this you probably have a couple of questions the first is probably the title, where does beach bum come into it, well as the pictures suggest the shoot was done at Jason’s home town on the South Coast of N.S.W, Shellharbour. Born and bred Jason loves his home town and says he lives the best of both worlds with its great roads and beaches. The second is probably the babe, this little stunners name is Rhi, 22 year old Rhi is also a proud local and a Real Estate agent who once travelled on the Junior Tennis circuit but has now turned attention to golf and get this Rhi is single and loving it! (Tennis anyone?).

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