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Crossroads Homemaker Show and Shine

Whilst many events have been calling it quits lately, it is always good to see a new event pop up to fill the void.

After that opening statement many of you may be looking at the title of our feature and thinking what’s has that to do with the Cross Roads show?

Well this show isn’t the Cross Roads pub that many of you may know rather a new event in the Homemaker parking lot directly behind the pub.

The event was organised by Paul (Torqy to his mates) from Motortainment on behalf of a charity “Junction Works’’.

Paul explains ‘’Motortainment promotes car shows and events such as off street drag racing, burnouts and other events throughout Australia and has been going for two years.

Anyone can come to us with an idea and we can organise and run the event.

This event was organised for a charity Junction works who help disabled kids and supply services for disabled adults.

Today we have a great turnout and expect to raise around $3000-$5000.

The event has a bit of everything for everyone, there is a footy tossing comp, trophies for toughest car, top 3 car, top interior, engine bay and even one for loudest car for the drag car demonstration.’’

Torqy was right it was a great turn out considering it was their first at the Homemakers location but being a proud South West Sydney Motorhead I expected nothing less and wasn’t disappointed.

Motortainments Prospect show with over 200 cars and bikes is their flagship event but I’m sure once word gets out the Cross Roads event will give it a good shake.

These events can only be possible with the help of sponsors and Motortainment would like to thank Mothers, Compcoat, Ricks Slot Cars, Colourise paint and decorating, Jerry, David and Alf OC motorsports, Pete and the Homemaker Center.

Even more importantly you need the cars and a big thank you goes out to all you guys particularly guys who took time out to catch up George (SLR) Frank (Rat Rod), Pete (LJ Torana) and all the Ford boys.

Make sure you keep an eye on Pinky’s event page for upcoming events @ and if you have a car we need to see, a show you would like us to cover or even a product you want to get out there and need some exposure drop us a line because we want you!

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