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(From the Vault) Finks 45 years young

Finks 45 years young

45 years and the Finks have seen it all!

Formed in Brookvale back in 1969 the club at one time had Chapters in every state in Australia and have grown into one of the most recognised 1% clubs in the country.

The clubs patch is instantly recognised and synonymous with the club; the founders of the club ingenious use of the character Bung (the Kings Jester) from The Wizard of Id cartoon make the patch immediately recognisable.

The Wizard of Id was a daily newspaper comic strip created by American cartoonists, Brant Parker and Johnny Hart back in 1964 and has been published worldwide. The story line follows a cast of characters in a shabby medieval kingdom called Id, where the king would often refer to his subjects as idiots and in turn the peasants to the Kings dismay would often proclaim The King is a Fink, a term often used in the club to this day.

As the club grew and Chapters opened, the Chapters would adapt their own interpretation of the Bung character and differentiate their chapter by changing the style and colours worn by the character.

Celebrations for the Finks 45th Anniversary were held at the mother chapter on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in Brookvale and the attendees included members from many of the chapters on the East Coast States.

The Finks are governed by members and don’t have a Hierarchy structure with Presidents, Vice Presidents Etc. opting to have a Sgt of Arms in each chapter, Alex (Sydney), Tony (Ballarat), John (Melbourne), Kosh (Riverstone, Sydney) and Mick from (Wagga Wagga) who were all present on the night.

Alex was first to have his say of the milestone “the club started in1969 and 45 years we have been in Brookvale.

We have sixty members Australia wide and we are stronger because we stick together. We have no Presidents, we are an Australian club, proud of our history and heritage and we are moving on and growing and growing and only getting stronger. Everyone wants to be a Fink!’’

It was evident on the night the strength of the club and there was a healthy mix of youth and seasoned members and the growth isn’t only here at the mother chapter. Mick (Riverina) comments on the growth and interest in his, the second oldest chapter Wagga Riverina. “In Wagga we have 10 nominees and another 10 patch supporters and we are kicking goals!”

The respect for the elders is clearly evident everywhere you look and the old fellers like Flip and Frank shared the respect and had no problem tending bar and then there were a couple of the younger members not shy to wear their heart on their sleeve and wanting to put it out there, their respect for the founding members. “There’s Pommy Bill, an original member (Brookvale) still active, Nutsy who has 40 years up and is 66 years old this year and he was the first Fink MC Nom. We love him, he’s still riding and came on the National Run. They nom’d him up at the Barrellen Pub half way between Griffith and Wagga Wagga. They’re are both Fink Royalty and we will do anything for them.

We have had a kick in the guts but we are staunching loyal and very tight.”

Alex gives his take on the future of the club. “100 bikes turned out on our national run and we are pretty happy with how things went and in the next couple of years we want to go to South Australia and move forward over there. We will grow and keep going; Finks are an Australian club and the one you want to be in. There’s a lot of young guys coming through the ranks around 26 (years old) and eventually we will retire and they will take our place.

If you want to be a King checkout the Finks’’

A club supporter wanted to say his piece on why he supports the Finks. “It’s the best club in Australia, they separate themselves by having rules, structure and commitment. All members are equal in the Finks and there is a Sgt of Arms for every chapter, no President, no Vice President.”

It was a double celebration for chapter member Dave celebrating his birthday on the night dad Flip (Lifetime member 33 years) took time out from behind the bar to tell us what it’s like to have your son follow in his father’s footsteps. “You know how a parent feels when their kid gets into Uni, wrapt! When Dave told me he wanted to patch up and become a Fink I brought him down to the clubhouse and told the members he wanted to be a Nom and I said from this moment onwards I have nothing to do with it, which was fair and a year and a bit later he was a Fink. Even when they voted I had nothing to do with it, three years on I’m still as proud as fuck!”

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